We are open for all kinds of cooperative cooperation !

Brand Distribution:
We are trying to expand our market globally. We want to build a long term partnership with our customers and there will be distribution incentive program offered to support customer develop its own territories. And the cooperation is open for discussion, we confident that we can meet a half way for both parties’ max profits.

OEM/ODM service:
This is our advantage too, you can choose our current product portfolio to put on your label, or provide us your design to manufacture. We have good facility capability to satisfy your requirement. Without doubt, relevant confidential agreement will be respected by us.

Surgical instrument design & match:
Sometimes surgeon or customer require customized surgical instrument, or want to develop instruments to match their own products. With so many years of instrument production experience, this is also a practical business model for us, even other counterparts may not interests in this field. But we want to offer comprehensive service.

Outsourcing service:
Benifuture is built by Dean Medical, we are intent not only selling its own orthopedic products, but also for other choice to use founder’s business resources, especially for us located in Changzhou City where is a manufacturing center for medical products. We are sure there are lot products fits for you. We are not selling, we want to offer comprehensive services to support and convenient our customers.

Technology exchange:
To keep innovated, technology exchange is also welcomed, not for generating profits, we are willing to share information and technology with our friend company. Let’s work together for better improve future of healthcare.